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Case Studies

Private Sector

Yorkshire Electricity Data Management Department

A series of team building courses for newly formed teams after a major reorganisation. A team building event for the senior management team the emphasis was two fold: (a) More effective interpersonal relationships (b) Looking to the longer term, departmental strategy (each department in Y.E. is a business unit)

Stagecoach London

Working with this company over a period of eight years we designed and delivered a series of team building programmes starting with garage management teams and working through to head office management teams and the senior management team. The company reorganised and we did the same all over again. The team building events lasted a week to begin with they where aimed at getting the managers to become more effective in their interpersonal relationships, more effective planners and better communicators. The second round of team building events concentrated on developing the teams to move quickly through the form, storm, norm perform cycle and to start to develop a business strategy.

These events were against set a fundamental change in the business style of the underground. The organisation was moving to a much flatter structure, with an emphasis on the internal customer.



Public Sector

London Underground

A series of team building events for the infrastructure department of the Victoria line.

A series of team building events for the engineering depot of the Victoria Line.

A team building event for the Bakerloo line engineering contracts supply chain.

Cumbria County Council

Two-day module for all of the managers of tourist information centres to develop a more business focused approach.
Sales management
Customer service

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