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SDI - Strength Development Inventory

SDI aims to help people see each other as they really are and to create better self understanding.

Developed from more than 30 years’ research by Elias H Porter in relationship awareness theory, SDI identifies what motivates people to behave in a certain way, especially when things are going well and when everything is less positive.

SGA’s courses in SDI provide an insight into what makes individuals the way they are and this awareness helps people to build more positive relationships and overcome conflict. The causes of conflict are looked into, as well as how to deal with them, so that people can work with their differences, not against them.

SDI courses are simple and easy to complete. Three basic colours – red, green and blue – are mixed to represent seven key motivational value systems. By using a straightforward colour system, motivations can clearly be described and understood by all participants

The Strength Deployment Inventory® and SDI® are protected by worldwide copyright and are registered to Personal Strengths Publishing Inc.

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