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The good thing about T & T Training is the fact they’re so flexible. We’re dealing with life and death situations here and they’ve been absolutely brilliant, continuously revising how they deliver the programme.

Tony Taylor
Customer Contacts Manager Warwickshire Police


The best way to find out how good your customer service is to gain valuable, objective information from a customer. We are experts at mystery shopping and will pose as an ordinary customer to find out how well your company deals with enquiries. We will then provide a detailed report which evaluates your company’s customer service skills, telephone techniques and product knowledge.

Training shouldn’t stop after the initial programme. We provide flexible coaching and course follow up to encourage ongoing staff development. This may take a number of different forms, from telephone conversations, to emails or a visit to your premises, so that staff continue to focus on the issues raised in the training programme.

Refresher training is often a half day session to revisit the issues covered in the initial training programme with the same group. We look at whether the issues identified still exist, what else could be done to address them and which other issues have since arisen. The outline of the session is based on the outcomes of the original training to ensure that staff don’t lose the skills they have learnt.

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