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It’s important to find a good trainer which your staff relate to and then hang onto them! We’ve been working with T &T Training for four years now with excellent results

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T & T Training won a competitive tender to deliver an ongoing training programme for staff at Warwickshire Police’s Control Room in Leek Wootton.

“During their interview and presentation they blew the opposition away,” says Tony Taylor, Customer Contacts Manager. “Mark Hartley had done so much research that I felt they really understood about us. It was also their complete flexibility which impressed me.”

The consultancy started working with Warwickshire Police at the start of 2005 and their training programme is still ongoing. All the training is delivered at the Control Room which has three main functions – call handlers answer all 999 calls made in the Warwickshire area, the switchboard answers all non-emergency calls and controllers tell the Police Officers on the street where a situation is occurring and what they need to do.

One of the reasons why Tony knows they chose the right trainers from the outset is because T & T Training looked at their objectives and said they’d shape a flexible programme to meet them.

“They’ve really been true to their word in being so flexible,” explains Tony. “We’re dealing with life and death situations here and our trainers have to work around our staff being called onto an operation. They’ve been absolutely brilliant, continuously revising how they could deliver the programme.”

A programme of training has been delivered to call handlers, controllers and supervisors, with training often taking place during evenings and weekends. When Warwickshire Police became a pilot force for the Government’s new National Call Handling Standards (NCHS) initiative, T & T Training reshaped its training for call handlers. More than 100 have now been trained in small groups of no more than six.

Approximately 50 controllers have been trained in getting accurate information to the Police Officers on the street. “The controllers must be assertive but respectful in telling the Officers which situation to deal with as someone’s life may depend on it,” explains Tony.

The supervisors have also been receiving training to help them manage their teams effectively and deal with any stressful situations which arise in an incredibly busy Control Room.

“The training has definitely improved our performance and the way the Control Room operates” says Tony. “They’ve delivered everything they said they would and we’re very happy.”


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